Products and services delivered to clients are subject to review and approval by our technical supervisory board composed of senior industry managers and research/academic experts.

Members have all more than 25 years broad industry experience and robust competence in their own professional discipline.

The technical supervisory board acts independently and autonomously and ensures that GPCI delivers best of class products and services to its clients.

Technical supervisory board members may be also involved at early project framing stages to ensure adequate scoping and are available for regular or ad hoc expert advice up to board room level.


  • Benjamin SALLIER, PhD Expert Petrophysicist
  • Natalia EFIMENKO, PhD Petrophysicist
  • Vincent MARTINUZZI, Petrophysicist
  • Jérémy GONUS, Petrophysicist, GIS and I-rock Developper
  • Serge MARNAT, Sr. Petrophysicist
  • Georges GORIN, Prof., PhD Petroleum Geologist, Advisor
  • Michael SUANA, PhD, MBA Geoscientist
  • Eleanor BAILEY, PhD Geophysicist
  • Gilles FABRE, Sr. Reservoir Geologist
  • Pablo ANZULES, Geologist
  • Stephanie HERRINGTON, Geologist
  • Bernd FIEBIG, PhD Expert Geoscientist
  • Mikhail BAYKULOV, PhD Geophysicist
  • Bryan TUTTY, Sr.Geophysicist
  • Louis HAUVETTE, Geologist & Geophysicist
  • Antoine HADDAD, PhD Geophysicist
  • Federico GAMES, MBA Sr. Reservoir Engineer
  • Mariana ALVIS, Sr. Reservoir Engineer
  • Oliver JUNG, Sr. Production Technologist
  • Rodolphe LATHION, Geologist
  • Bastien DERIAZ, Geologist
  • Simon COURGEON, PhD Carbonate Geologist
  • Evangelia SOTIROPOULOU, Jr. Petroleum Engineer


  • Georges GORIN, Prof., PhD Petroleum Geologist, Advisor
  • Andreas HOELKER (GEOPHYTEK), PhD, Expert Geophysicist
  • Jacques NEGRE, Petrophysical Advisor
  • Stephan NIGGLI, Geophysicist